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Where did all my free time go?

I've been doing a video game design course at uni for the last 4 months, both awesome and overwhelming at the same time. I'm also writing a series of books based on a post-apocalyptic future of our earth, with magic, furies and space travel (sort of), and now I go and start a new job. It's in retail so all day on my feet, but it's good to have money again and it pays pretty well. It does leave me with next to no time for gaming, or anything else for that matter, my first day off and I spent it customizing my new phone LG G3.

I've actually got some icons I'm simply yet to upload, and a few packs I want to get done. Like always there are plenty of others doing Aicons, including the king HarryBana so I'm sure no games will be missed. If you do have a game that you can't find an Aicon or Metro for, or simply want a specific style I will still be checking in from time to time to take requests.

Big thanks to everyone who has me on their watchlist, and fav's my icons, it really makes it all worth while.

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AedanClarke Featured By Owner 5 days ago
-Arcania - Fall of Setarrif
-Blade of Darkness (Aka, Severance: Blade of Darkness)
-Dark Blood Online (Haven't even played it yet, but eh)
-DOOM (Just this specific one. I'll be using this one as my aicon for ZDL. In other words, for every time I go to play DOOM or DOOM 2. And if you could darken it just seriously a TINY, TINY bit, that'd be lovely. c:…)
-Five Nights at Freddy's (I typically hate any game the internet won't STFU about, because the internet is typically wrong, but I find this fun, tense, funny, and just a clever creation. It's one of the few horror games I like and one of the few that legitimately creep me out.)
-Ghost Recon
-Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin (An aicon technically exists, buuuut... not box art)
-Hitman - Contracts
-Kingpin - Life of Crime
-Magic The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (The sooner you do it, the sooner I stop bitching at you about it)
-Master of Magic
-Redneck Rampage
-Space Hack
-The You Testament (From the same hilarious idiot behind 'Hard Time'. This time, enjoy punching Jesus Christ in the face, making Him threaten to kill you. Have fun as you do all of His miracles for Him! You'll love possessing Him and kicking everyone in the dick! And don't forget to fall to Satan's will and shoot fireballs at everyone! And if you fail, shame on you! After all, they can cut off your hand or gouge out your eyes in a disturbing display as punishment! *sigh* This game, man... Jesus Christ... *wink!*)
AedanClarke Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Oh, and also Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux. :P
shipain Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
:iconbummiesplz:Happy Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too
griddark Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
hahah thanks bro
AedanClarke Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
-Colin McRae Rally Remastered (You'll see what I'm talking about on Steam, if you don't know what I'm looking for.)
-Giants: Citizen Kabuto
-Gothic II
-The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (Seriously, been playing the shit out of this. This and Morrowind are easily Bethesda's best games, IMO. This is a masterpiece. A buggy one. A VERY buggy one. But a masterpiece in role-playing games nonetheless.)
-The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
-The Precursors
-The Sims

Oh, and I'd like some DOOM aicons made. Nothing fancy, just these particular logos against a good background. As these are aicons I'll alternate between for the DOOM series folder (I keep each game series together as long as they're in the same genre... Eh, I have some in-depth organizing for my computer, so whatever), I'm wanting just the word 'DOOM' and nothing else, as you can tell from the pictures you'll see here.… (As this is the BFG Edition logo, see if you can get the background from the BFG Edition's actual case. If not, a plain black background will still work beautifully)… (Turn the text white and put it against a black background.)… (Do whatever you wish for a background on this one. Keep it the same, pick one that you think suits it better. Doesn't matter much to me, I suppose.)… (Old-school logo. Black background, of course. And, if you could make this just a tad less bright - and I do mean a tad - then that'd be perfect.)… (If you could find one that's a bit larger, I'd like that, but this size is fine regardless if that's what you end up having to use.)

And finally...… (If you could edit out the 3 on that, that'd once again be lovely.)
griddark Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
All done -Magic :P
AedanClarke Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014

Btw, yeah, I've really gotten into DOOM, as well. GZDoom makes it so much better and makes it look much more modern. And mouse look. OH GOD, MOUSE LOOK. Thank God these source ports include it, because I can't stand playing first-person games with the keyboard. Oh, and fun fact: While Quake popularized mouselook, they weren't the ones to create it. Indeed, mouselook, for whatever fucked up reason, was unpopular first when Bethesda, of all companies, tried it with their Terminator: Future Shock game. I still need to play that game, actually. But yeah, Daggerfall's so fun BECAUSE I can use the mouse. Thank God.

But yeah, DOOM. A game that's still phenomenal by itself, and has thousands upon thousands of WADs creating new levels or entirely new experiences. If you're looking for good mods for the original DOOM that isn't already listed in the Cacowards or Top 100 WADs of All Time, I point you to Tobias Munch's fantastic levels over at kotogoto. Seriously, his levels are, in my opinion, perfectly done. Indeed, his Visions of Eternity WAD, which adds an entire fifth episode, feels easily good enough to be in the base game. I don't think I'll ever play though the episodes of The Ultimate Doom again without it. And for DOOM 2, I recommend Beautiful DOOM, as it makes the game look better, sound better, and even feel smoother and more responsive, I've noticed. Also, Pirate Doom. Because fucking PIRATES. And because it's awesome.

Oh, and I'm not much of a multiplayer gamer, but I'm loving the shit out of some DOOM coop MP. This series has some serious longevity, man...
griddark Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Dude just get  an icon that says Magic and use it for all those hateful games ;)

I've actually got a backlog of icons I haven't uploaded yet. I'm not sure what's wrong with me man, just been so out of it lately :P I'll get on these sometime this week haha ;)
AedanClarke Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Ooh, I'm getting a slacker on that Magic aicon! Regardless, an Aicon with just 'Magic the Gathering' on it or whatever doesn't exist. So you'd need to make it. But since I only need the one aicon anyway, you might as well make it the proper 2013 one and get it over with. Grumble about it all you like, it won't make a difference. :P

Welp, dirty SLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT. YOU'VE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME. *sniffle* I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL.  0_0 Aha, you might wanna get on uploading those, y'know. :D
AedanClarke Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
And just because I'm a dick, here's my next list, slacker! XD

-Boiling Point: Road to Hell
-Magic The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013
-MotoGP 08
-MotoGP 14 (I wouldn't have to ask if HarryBana got off his ass and released his recent packs as aicon instead of just Metro.
-Nascar Racing 4
-NASCAR Racing 2003 (Finally decided to try some NASCAR games. I'm shit at them, since NASCAR is very much a unique thing in comparison to the huge amount of other racing games out there. But these are surprisingly fun, even through my frustration that I suck so fucking much)
-Need for Speed Most Wanted (The original 2005 game)
-Need for Speed Prostreet
-Project Snowblind
-Rogue Trooper (Not to be confused with another Rebellion game, Rogue Warrior, which was hilariously shit)
-Smooth Operators
-SBK Generations
-The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
-The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
-The Precursors
-The Sims
-The Sims Castaway Stories
-The Sims Life Stories
-The Sims Pet Stories
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